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If you are like many photographers, you probably use Adobe┬« Lightroom┬« to manage your photos. Most of the time we love Lightroom, but it can be slow when it comes to downloading and importing photos. We have all been there. You just come back from a shoot, you are excited to see what you got. You start to import your photos into Lightroom and it can take several minutes before you can start to view and organize them. Its like watching a pizza cook in the oven. That’s because Lightroom is a database, not a browser. It needs to catalog every photo.

Sometimes you just want to see your photos and get to work right away. That’s one of the reasons we have been working on the new super-fast browsing capabilities for the Perfect Photo Suite. It will let you see your photos almost instantly, then start to zoom, compare, sort and organize them.

The Perfect Photo Suite has always been the perfect companion to Lightroom when it comes to retouching, masking and effects. Soon it will be the perfect front-end as well, allowing you get started faster, then helping you import your photos into Lightroom.


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About Dan Harlacher

Dan is the senior product manager and pro photographer in residence at onOne Software. Before onOne Software, Dan was a product manager for pro photo products at Extensis. Dan graduated with a Bachelors degree in Fine Art from Oregon State University and still shoots regularly to feed his passion. Dan spends his spare time with his pro photographer wife working in their studio.

7 thoughts on “Browsing vs Importing

  1. seems very nice
    Can we compare your new fast browser to Fastpictureviewer and expensive photo mechanic ?
    i was surpised to read one day Mat Kloskowsky, a fan of lightroom, to say he is using photomechanic for importing because lr is too slow.


  2. Cool, now even less reason to use LR. I still will probably use it for some qualities, like non destructive work, virtual copies, cropping and exporting to Smugmug using a plugin. Pity Browse does not allow plugins, it would be cool to have ability to upload to certain services, apart from “drives” :-) But – good times ahead guys, well done!

  3. good new ! thanks
    it could be nice if you could accelerate other features too. As said before onone uses too much graphic card and perfect suite is not useable on any pc with respect to alienskin,… because too slow. at the office, on lenovo i7 8GB ram nvidia 5400, forget it.

    perhaps a stupid question but why isn’t onone able to process a nef/raw file ?
    why is adobe/nx2/dpp (dxo?) the only one to do that ?
    long time ago i was a fan of capture nx2 and it was so fantastic to have all modifications in the original nef file instead of a catalog.
    i often hesitate to run perfect suite because i know i go to many tif/psd files so i try to remain in lightroom even for easy black and white cases.
    if you are confident that perfect enhanec could make same job than camera raw, why not to do ?

    best regards

  4. I’m all for using something like the browser to do my initial review – to be useful (for me) prior to importing into Lightroom I would like the ability to have a workflow that’s compatible with the Lightroom metadata – namely the ability to tag, keywords, etc… while inside the browser – is that something you guys will be adding?

  5. Unfortunately just browsing doesn’t give access to the Metadata (IPTC and Exif) that you can access using a Digital Asset Manager (and I don’t think PhotoMechanic has yet introduced a catalog). Browsing is useful for review but we still need to use a product like LR or Capture One for a library catalog.

    • I’m not referring to managing the information as you would with a DAM solution (LR), but simply being able to flag and keyword using the embedded IPTC standards, or at least compatible with Adobe’s use of that information. That does not require LR or Capture One. PhotoMechanic can certainly do that as well as several other browsers. FastPictureViewer is another – no DB import, simply point to a folder of files, hit hot keys to flag keepers, another hot key to delete unflagged files, Import what’s left into LR for cataloging and further processing.

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